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Development Economic Resource (D.E.R.) Ltd (www.derlimited.com), a fully integrated all-media company with corporate headquarters in Lagos and Abuja, and representatives worldwide are engaged in publishing. D.E.R. Ltd publishes a wide range of products ranging from monthly economic journals to quarterlies, periodicals, books, directories and corporate newsletters. The company has in its stable some of the most widely consulted and authoritative journals on Africa. We pride ourselves as Africa’s Experts financial journalism.

As publishers, we are so far the only African company to serve as accredited and official publishers of the annual meetings of the African Development Bank (AfDB), IMF/World Bank, and the African Union, the Commonwealth summit, etc. Our publications include the award-winning International Conference newspaper — AnnualMeetings DailyThe African Economyand Banking & Finance magazine.

Products Uniqueness:

The African Economy and Banking & Finance magazines:

These magazines have come to be seen by researchers on African development issues as publications with an in-depth and updated knowledge of the continent. Founded on the need to add Africa’s view to global discourse, The African Economy and the Banking & Finance enjoy wide circulation of over 100,000 copies each at strategic newsstands across the continent of Africa and notable bookshops across Europe and North America. The magazines have continued to live up to their reputation as one of the most authoritative sources of valuable information on Afro-centric issues. They remain the prime economic voices in Africa.

A tabloid-size full-colour processed conference journal, Annual Meetings Daily newspaper has in the last 10 years been synonymous with global financial gatherings. No international conference is deemed complete without this colorful publication. From the IMF/World Bank annual meetings in Prague-Czech Republic, Washington D.C-United States of America, Dubai-United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Istanbul-Turkey, Tokyo-Japan and the African Development Bank meetings in Ethiopia, Uganda, Valencia-Spain, Abuja, Shanghai-China, Abidjan-Cote d’Ivoire, and Dakar-Senegal, just to mention but a few, this soar-away publication has commendably graced several high networth, high scaled summits across the globe.

Our Target Audience

Our captive target audience is the policy makers, opinion moulders, heads of bilateral and multilateral development, agencies top government functionaries, foreign investors, bankers and experts in finance, economic and development partners, high networth individuals as well as members of the academia top class researchers. We have over time evolved a style and presentation that is devoid of economic jargons to be able to vividly explain the issues that affect peoples’ lives directly in a language and manner they will understand, thus our products could be said to cut across classes; from thecrème de la crème of the society to the middle class and other discerning members of the public in search of relevant knowledge and information on Africa’s Socio-economic development and growth profile. Over the last ten years, we have evolved a project aimed at helping the academic community through free dedicated copies across the business and management faculties of our universities and polytechnics within the developing countries.


  • Normal distribution channels – 50,000 copies
  • Subscription services – 24,000 copies
  • Special outlets – 5,000 copies
  • Distribution across the country – 3,000 copies sold per edition
  • Country Reports – 3,000 copies
  • Public Institutions Government Agencies – 5,000 copies
  • Complimentary copies – 3,000 copies
  • Management faculties of Universities and Polytechnics      – 7,000 copies


Our Company

Development Economic Resource (D.E.R.) Ltd (www.derlimited.com), a fully integrated all-media company with corporate headquarters in Lagos and Abuja, and representatives worldwide are engaged in publishing. 


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