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This hard-to-find medical variety is a cross of Big Bud, an indica, and Northern Lights, the famed and potent indica-dominant hybrid. The indica genes outweigh the sativa genes in Northern Big Bud, but the exact ratio of sativa to indica is unclear. THC levels have tested at more than 16%, making this a relatively powerful choice for many patients, while CBD levels are much lower, less than 1%. In other words, this strain is better for patients who require THC than those that need CBD to treat their symptoms. Medical uses for this strain include anxiety, chronic pain, and stress, all relieved by a combination of head and body effects. The high is sleepy but psychoactive, with qualities that are both stimulating and deeply relaxing. The flavor is smooth but skunky and fruity, while the aroma is similarly skunky. The bud has a light frosted appearance caused by a thick layer of trichomes; underneath are flecks of light green and brown. This strain is probably most common in Amsterdam and California, but it’s definitely not easy to find in other places.

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