JMG is equipped to handle power projects – Rabi Jammal

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Mr Rabi Jammal, Group General Manager, Operations, JMG Limited is an astute administrator and a team player who has the capacity to drive any management team to achieve set goals.

Over the years, he worked diligently with his team to transform JMG into a diversified solution provider with a broad portfolio in power generation, electrical infrastructures and industrial equipment.

In this interview with THE AFRICAN ECONOMY, Jammal sheds light on the operations of JMG and how the company had through its 20 years of experience in Africa and strong partnerships with some of the world’s leading brands, impacted positively on Nigeria’s power sector. Excerpts:

Rabi-jamaal - JMGHow would you assess the state of the power sector?
While the power sector in Nigeria is facing major challenges, there is light at the end of the tunnel as the government is working to improve the sector. We’ve been in the business for about 20 years and though we have faced challenges, we are profitably expanding to various regions of Nigeria and other nations in Africa.

Analysts say that Nigeria offers huge challenges and opportunities in the power sector. How true is this?
Nigeria is a country with great opportunities and the power sector is no exception. There are great opportunities for potential investors in the business.

The Federal Government is making efforts to improve power generation across the country. Are you worried that this could impact negatively on your business?
No. This is because as more countries become industrialized; development would increase in various sectors such as healthcare and banking. People would require more information and data centres would be set up to meet this need. Diesel Generators would be used for backup purposes as they remain the major source of emergency backup for power supply.

There is no denying the fact that market topography would change but demand would still exist. We actually look forward to a more industrialized Nigeria because it would mean bigger projects and a bigger market for high capacity generators. Bigger projects are more profitable for us, because providing more sophisticated installation for back-ups signals business growth.

You are also into generation of electricity through the construction of Independent Power Projects (IPP) for clients. How would you describe the technical requirement in handling such projects? Do you have the local capacity?
JMG is fully equipped to handle all projects both in manpower and machinery. We have over 1,500 staff with local content duly represented.
The power situation of Nigeria has recently gained entrance into the solar market with focus on two options; Rooftop solutions which are basically diesel-hybrid solutions that combine diesel and solar. This solution reduces diesel consumption to customers and gives reliable power at a cheaper cost. Another solution we have on ground are Based solar solutions like solar farms for IPP purpose.

What differentiates JMG from other power solution providers?
JMG is a diversified solutions provider providing infrastructure from power to plug. People are at the heart of what we do because we are all about providing solutions.


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